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"I never cease to be inspired by the beauty we have been gifted from God"

My endeavor to pursue a career as an artist began when I was gifted with a set of oil paints 15 years ago and was encouraged by my husband. Inspiration for my work is derived from an array of subjects, from the timeless Masters of old to pet portraits, from landscapes to antique cars.  In all the works I create, I aim at combining a sense of warmth and honesty into the pieces.   When appropriate, I like to add a touch of whimsy to the creation.
In creating new pieces, I am inspired by all that surrounds us and seek to combine my innate sense of color, style and technique to the subject matter.  Should you wish to commission a special piece, or if you wish to purchase a piece from the Gallery (see tab), please contact me either by email or phone.
All work created in oil on canvas, linen or board.  

(772) 323-7227

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